May 21, 2024

Jennifer Aniston Spills the Beans on “Awkward” Sex Scene with Jon Hamm

So, turns out Jennifer Aniston had a bit of an eye-opener while filming a steamy scene with Jon Hamm for The Morning Show. In a chat with Reese Witherspoon for Variety, Aniston spilled the tea on the whole thing, and it’s pretty amusing.

Old-School Vibes

Okay, get this – they asked if Jen and Jon wanted an “intimacy coordinator” on set. Jen, being from what she calls the “olden days,” was like, “What does that even mean?” An intimacy coordinator is apparently someone who checks if actors are cool with getting cozy in those scenes. Jen’s response? “Please, this is awkward enough!”

Seasoned Pros

Jen, the OG from Friends, laughed it off, saying she and Hamm are “seasoned” and can handle these scenes without extra help. She gave props to Hamm, calling him a gentleman who was super considerate throughout the whole thing. And yes, it was all very choreographed – no surprises here.

Gentleman Jon Hamm

Aniston gave a shoutout to the director, Mimi Leder, and her co-star Jon Hamm for making her feel “protected” on set. Hamm, it seems, was the definition of a gentleman, checking in on Jen’s comfort level at every move and cut.

Longtime Buds

Now, here’s the cute part – Jen and Hamm were already buddies before working together. Thanks to Paul Rudd playing matchmaker, they became friends. Friends helping friends – we love to see it!

Hollywood Squad: Aniston’s Crew

Jen’s got a cool crew in Hollywood. Here’s a quick rundown of her inner circle:

Reese Witherspoon

Jen’s currently rocking it with Reese in The Morning Show, but they go way back to Reese’s Friends cameo. Reese couldn’t stop gushing about Jen’s easygoing nature.

Courteney Cox

We know them as the dynamic duo from Friends, and in real life, Jen is the godmother to Courteney’s daughter, Coco. Friendship goals, much?

Lisa Kudrow

Jen, Lisa, and Courteney are basically the trio we all want to be a part of. They even attended Jen’s wedding together. Total #SquadGoals.

George Clooney

Jen and George became buds after a Friends-E.R. crossover. Jen even hung out with George and his fam in Italy. Casual friendship goals, right?

Ellen DeGeneres

Jen and Ellen go way back. Like, Jen was Ellen’s first-ever guest in 2003, and she closed out Ellen’s show in 2023. That’s a friendship that stood the test of time.

Jimmy Kimmel

Being a regular on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Jen’s got a solid friendship with the funny guy. Plus, she’s close to Jimmy’s wife, Molly McNearney.

Dolly Parton

Jen’s a total Dolly Parton fangirl, and guess what? Dolly’s a fan too! They worked together on Dumplin’ in 2018, and the admiration is mutual.

Wrapping It Up

Jen’s not just a queen on screen; she’s got the Hollywood friendships to prove it. From handling “awkward” scenes like a boss to keeping it real with her A-list pals, Jen’s the definition of cool. And that’s the tea on Jennifer Aniston Hollywood life!