June 24, 2024

Golden Globe Shake-Up: Lessons for the Oscars

So, the Golden Globe nominations are out, and honestly, they’re still a bit ridiculous. But hey, they might have a lesson or two for the Oscars.

A New Look for the Globes

The Golden Globes have had a makeover – new owners, a different voting body, and they’ve even moved to CBS after some scandals. It’s like they’ve decided to shake things up.

Don’t Ignore the Blockbusters

Now, regardless of who’s calling the shots, the Globes seem to have figured out something the Oscars could learn from: don’t ignore the popular movies. They threw a bunch of nominations at “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer,” the big box-office hits of the year, with nine and eight nods each. They also added a category just for popular movies, tossing in Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour” and the fourth “John Wick” movie.

Quirky Categories and Star Power

Sure, they still managed to keep things quirky with their odd categories and the split between drama and musical/comedy. And of course, they stuck to their tradition of nominating big-name stars – like Jennifer Lawrence for the comedy “No Hard Feelings” and the head-scratching move of calling Netflix’s “May December” a comedy while nominating Natalie Portman for it.

Connecting with the Audience

But here’s the thing – consciously or not, the Globes seem to get that if they want people to actually watch these award shows (ratings are dropping, folks), they need to connect with the audience. People want to have seen at least a few of the nominees.

Oscar’s Popular Film Dilemma

The Oscars did flirt with a “popular film” category a while back but ditched the idea, fearing it would cheapen the prestige. Well, that experiment hasn’t exactly been a smashing success. Some of the folks who influence Oscar votes – like critics groups – still lean towards esoteric films, mostly watched at home on streaming services, not in theaters.

Streaming Giants and Industry Validation

This year’s Globes nominations reflect this tug of war, with Netflix leading the pack and other streamers like Amazon and Apple TV+ getting nods. These streaming giants are clearly hungry for industry validation beyond just raking in the dollars.

Connecting with Viewers

So, in the end, the many folks who flocked to “Barbenheimer” won’t be let down if they tune into the Golden Globes. It doesn’t fix all of the Globes’ issues, and there are still plenty of reasons why people aren’t tuning in to watch these long award ceremonies – maybe it’s the clips available online that save them from the marathon.

The Viewer Connection

But here’s the deal – award shows, you can’t just ignore the folks actually watching. And from a practical standpoint, it’s not just about who wins but also who gets invited to the party. After all, the real trick is making sure the viewers feel connected and have a reason to care.