Gancia’s Red Bitter is an aperitif made from one of the brand’s original recipes. The drink itself is a blend of fine herbs, artemisia absinthium and subtile citric touch. It comes in a 750ml presentation with a 30% alcohol volume mark.

The product’s logo and label were inspired by vintage Bar and Cocktail signs. An illustration of artemisia absinthium leaves can be found engraved within the label’s line pattern. The glass itself was moulded having Gancia’s family of products in mind, but the idea here was to earn value through texture and concave sides.

The idea for the campaign was to work the master brand’s heritage through fantastic imagery from the Piedmonte region in Italy. The Axis Deer emerging from the absinthe mist was tipping point on local aperitif campaigns.

Done as a Creative & Art Director at The Rock Instrument Bureau.