Editor is a chain of Department Stores located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. With it’s flagship 9 story building located in downtown and hip Palermo 2 story hangar, Editor manages to captivate with their premium selection of brands, artists and products.

Done as a Creative & Art Director at The Rock Instrument Bureau.

The idea for the brand was to communicate with cool, fresh and modern visuals that small and big audiences could connect to. This project is a collection of actual work and pitch work done for the brand.

Introducing Art to the stores was a bit of a challenge, as Art in general seems far from mainstream audience. The idea behind the campaign was to install a claim that could narrow the distance between artists and a mainstream audiece."Like Art, Love The Gift Shop". After all, that’s what regular people do when they visit a museum.

Both of the stores had lots of LCD screens, so apart from showing the campaign videos we wanted to create small loops of eyes and mouths. Each eye and mouth had a different style of illustration and they were animated according to the style they had. Ten loops were designed and produced for the screens.